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Bluetooth connection problem

Hi All try as I might I can't create a Bluetooth connection between my car (Mitsubishi outlander 2012) and my Nokia 3. Is this a common problem? My previous Nokia (LUMIA) had no problem making the connection. Appreciate any suggestions.

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You should check with the vehicle manufacturer for an update on their end this would be quite common.

Thanks Jim, I did think of this but was hoping Nokia could more easily issue a software patch based on the Lumia. When next in for service I will ask Mitsubishi. Cheers

Hello. To connect the phone, click the Bluetooth radio. Next, click the settings button. Turn on the Bluetooth and remember the PIN code. The phone search for Bluetooth devices. Select the radio machine. To connect the confirm your PIN code.

 I had the same problem with a Mitsubushi, could not connect. Old Lumina 1320 connected easily. After much looking found a software update for Mitsubishi Fuse entertainment system hands free system. Applied update myself took 5 minutes. Now Nokia 6 connects first time. Mitsubishi dealer claimed to not know of any updates.

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