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Network switch 2g 3g 4g-improper network

Everytime I see my screen , whenever network automatically switches between H+ , E, 4g, 3g full network goes off and then switches... And wherever my HTC phones were having connected this mobile shows No network, if I search network it shows network search errors popup, And the other biggest issue being in Bangalore my regular office space where apple HTC shows netowkr this mobile network goes off and comes back visibly we can see for two seconds no netowkr in mobile...it is worst to see mobile with out network just useless

Hello. Install the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.staircase3.opensignal . Compare the signal levels of the stations. Pay attention to the value ping. The switching occurs because of the large ping.

Dear Bozon, 

I verified and found that 215ms as ping data and the min it happened was 70ms.....totally confused. Is this problem with only my mobile or with all Nokia 5. Please let  me know

This problem statement. I found it outside the city. Area of unstable reception. In the city and in downtown particularly stable connection.

But why this is happening with Nokia 5, while apple, htc mobiles which are next to me on same floor are working fine.......but this phone not reachable. Also they mention u shaped antenna new technology in Nokia...hmmmmmm

Leave the phone in the service the service to check.

I also found the same issue in weak signal areas. My wife's lenovo showing h+network and nokia 5 showing e and that too in offline.there is no smooth switching be network modes in weak signal areas.
I have this problem,too. My Nokia 5 is often off the signal,even when I am in the city. Sometimes I dont get messages because of it. Please solve this ☺️
Nokia should add the options of '4g only', '3g only' and '2g only' to the network types in the network settings. This will greatly reduced the problem of fluctuations and downtime due to automatic switching between H+, 3g, and E. You cannot enjoy your internet where/ when the network is always switching. But, with the options of '4g only' or '3g only' the phone network will stable because it's been managed by the owners.

Network not switching 4G only, Because of can not make any outgoing or incoming call how to fix this issue. 

When network prefaced type manual set as 3G or 2G signal not show on my phone. 

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