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Pro mode for Nokia Camera

As reported on various news websites HMD Global bought the intellectual property around the Nokia Camera UI off of Microsoft.

We need a pro mode in the camera app and the UI of the old Nokia Camera won design awards and was widely praised across the industry for user control and ease of use.

Could it be similarly implemented on new Nokia Phones?

A few stand out features include:

  • Slider interface with manual controls for brightness, shutter speed, ISO, manual focus, white balance
  • One finger swipe to zoom
  • Golden ratio framing grid
  • Ability to change amount of flash in a photo after the fact
  • Living images

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nokia camera UI in the past is a must now with nokia 8.  Nokia UI could suit perfectly well Nokia 8 powerful camera hardware.  The nokia 8 interface seems like a draft or prototype, not suited to please the user of nokia 8 zeiss users

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Nokia 6's camera module is capable enough to have manual or pro mode. I hope in the update it will be included.

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 I really hope it can be done as the OP suggests, the Lumia Camera app has a great UI.

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Bringing back the UI isn't hard at all. But I think they need to rebuild the entire post-processing.

Image quality on HMD phones - including the Nokia 8 - is pretty terrible. Having manual mode etc helps but it also needs good software.

Just look at how much better pictures taken on a Nokia 5, for example, are when using the Google Camera HDR+ app port compared with HMD's custom camera. It's embarrassing for something with the Nokia-brand attached to it. It needed to be addressed yesterday.

Nokia 6 is also capable of some best quality photos Please upgrade its camera ui to lumia camera ui which includes Iso changing Exposure level changing Shutter speed control Basically pro controls

I agree with the original post. While the quality of the images that are created surpasses most other cameras, the camera app itself is surprisingly poorly designed, especially coming from Nokia with the cooperation of Zeiss Optics. Here are some things that I have found to be troublesome with the Camera app:

- focusing is slow and tends to move around despite manually moved by the user (i.e. me)

- I'm still confused as to what the black spot on the camera module is - is it a laser or IR module?

- the option to switch from main to front camera is too fiddly; Google's implementation on its own Camera app where it puts it close to where the thumb usually is, is better in my opinion.

- taking a picture is unacceptably slow in the current smartphone imaging field; I find that it's OK to take images of landscape views but I fear when having to take pics with people or moving objects as it tends to be slow and produce blurred images.

- Switching between colour/mono cameras is also cumbersome and takes a split second longer.

Despite having upgraded to Android Oreo, the camera app isn't faring any better. Despite using SD835 which is a very capable top-end processor, the camera app is unacceptably slow. I hope there are camera app improvements on the way to improve this stellar smartphone by Nokia.

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