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A camera button

One widely appreciated feature of Nokia's of old loved by users, tech bloggers, and the wider market was a hardware camera button.

  • This gives immediate access to the camera in any use case
  • A two stage shutter key gives you more control over focus
  • Photographers by hobby or profession appreciate the tactile feel of a physical button
  • It would allow to launch into other features with a long press e.g. video

I believe a hardware camera button would go a long way to help make new Nokia Phones respected on the imaging front.

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 +1 to this, How can you call N8 flagship when it doesn't have dedicated camera button :) ? I hope they fix this in N9.

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 I totally agree with you Sisu.. I've wrote the same thing few minutes ago in another important Nokia Blog..

More than 4 points u stressed in your message, I would add the fact that (in my opinion of course) I feel the phone in my hand much better: the grip is better, you don't have to move hands and fingers around the screen in order to pick the focus or shoot the pic or something.. you only need a millimetric movement of just 1 finger and it's done..

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nokia camera button was always very helpful no doubt about it.  Some people nowadays believe it is more practical to use the screen for shutting since is more versatile. I prefer physical buttons

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It is more a case as to whom prefers what I think and like any mobile phone there will always be something for someone to complain about, Personally I dont really mind but everyone cant be a winner and its just how things roll, We all cant win unfortunalty and now that Nokia is back I think they are playing it safe for now and perhaps things might change later on. 

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Hopefully something that will come to new devices. I would like to think that a Nokia 9 would be very camera centric, with the renewed Zeiss partnership. Maybe a N808/L1020 level and of course featuring a cam button. But there's daydreaming and hoping.

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Agreed, when u think about it it just adds more to pay in the bill of materials, so any costs saved are costs saved

I own Nokia 6 it can click by volume button but the proper shutter key on my Nokia 808 is just perfect need that in upcoming Nokia 9 to make it a true Nokia flagship

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I would love to have a camera button - light press for focus/funktion, full press for take picture.

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I aggreed! 

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I truly agree with you!! we all want a camera button in our smartphones 

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I truly agree with you!! we all want a camera button in our smartphones 

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Completely agree.

In fact, I can't believe a supposed "flagship" with the Nokia badge in it would NOT have this when a dedicated camera button has been present on Nokia imaging phones since before the iPhone (that's over a decade).

This is the sort of things missing that makes me not remotely interested in the Nokia 8.

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 Thank you for sharing information ...

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I agree... It was great on all my Nokia phones.. wish my Nokia 8 had one..

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