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A camera button

One widely appreciated feature of Nokia's of old loved by users, tech bloggers, and the wider market was a hardware camera button.

  • This gives immediate access to the camera in any use case
  • A two stage shutter key gives you more control over focus
  • Photographers by hobby or profession appreciate the tactile feel of a physical button
  • It would allow to launch into other features with a long press e.g. video

I believe a hardware camera button would go a long way to help make new Nokia Phones respected on the imaging front.

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Nokia android phones from HMD really need to improve so they can take on Huawei, Samsung and apple in the high end segment, until phone from HMD is capable of delivering the masterpieces Nokia of old managed to bring to life to the masses...remember nokia n95, nokia 1020, nokia N8, Nokia 808 pure view, nokia 930, nokia 925 and so on. Please HMD listen to customers....and get fomer nokia imaging and camera experts engineers  to work with you so you can finally released to market a decent camera phone that really deserves to be called that way.

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