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Please bring back Nokia blogs

Like Old Nokia had a blog for consumers. Where Nokia teams Asia, Europe, America writes on it. Product announcement, Live streaming, Tips, Camera tips, contests and take interview of fans like me. Like I gave interview to old Nokia about being the biggest Lumia phone when my username was Aakash006sharma 

And integrated with Disqus for comments. 

- This was a Nokia, what we consumers like. Please bring it back. 

P.S - I can help you as a member of your Nokia blogs to connect with people again. Nokia connecting people!!

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One thing at a time Aakash. A lot of people gave interviews and were featured on the blog (including myself), so let us see where these forums head to. Once global reach is expanded, then they may add things like that - but in a world of social media, perhaps people aren't reading as much long-form articles as they used to.

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Would be great to have good old Nokia Conversations back, but as @adrianhughes says, time will tell.

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the community forum should be called once again Nokia Conversations, no doubt about it

Well, actually Nokia Conversations was the name of the blog, that's why I mentioned it.

The name of the community (or rather Communities) was Nokia Support Discussions, then translated respectively into 11 more languages (I know it because I did it :D ) 

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Community Hero

Great suggestion! I can't believe I missed this first time around. Along with Beta Labs and the support forum the Conversations blog was a great way that Nokia involved it's customers in the development and release of its products. It was a great way to communicate officially with more words than Twitter, a wider audience than the forum, and less formality than press releases.

HMD, please bring back the Nokia Conversations blogs, I think you'll find they have an immediate impact on the feeling you get from the community.

Cheers :)

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