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Nokia 8 - All About

 I have been watching GSM Arena review of the Nokia 8, and they said Nokia 8 does not have stereo speakers.

This makes no sense to me, either they ment Nokia 8 doesn´t have dual speakers something like Nokia 6, or really N8 support only mono speakers.
I hope these are just pre-production units, and consumer units will come with stereo speakers, or at least Nokia will enable it trough update, similar what happened with Lumia 920.

Also next question is about glance, or how they call it now on android. Does it have option when you wave with your hand over the screen and the information will appear, or it is always enabled? 

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yes, that is true I also noticed from reviewers that nokia 8 won't come with something similar to dolby atmos amplifier for output audio (speakers) I tried asking HMD for it but they say nokia 8 has just unveiled so it is best to stay tuned to social media to confirm.  I hope nokia 8 comes with atmos audio.  OZO audio uses 3 microphones, why not extend that capability with proper audio output from high end speakers like atmos audio?

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best hai kabd h kabhi nhi lene duga kisi konokia 8 kabd hai mere pese pani me gye ise aacha to me 10000 rs ka he phone le leta bo aacha tha kabad h me to humesh manna karuga nokia phone k liya 38000 ka phone poti h fuk
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