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Starting New Nokia Photography Community

Hi there, Im using Nokia phone since year 2000. When nokia was manufacturing its lumia series there was a photography community of Nokia. Which was on various social media site. So i just want to suggest nokia to bring it back so that People can post some awesome photos around the world Clicked on Nokia Phones

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Agreed. Considering this is Nokia Discussions I think they should bring back Nokia Conversations or the like with the test a phone feature and a community around imaging that can link to social e.g. #ShotonNokia

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Good idea but lets not go down the same route as Lumia did, It was all about the camera, There is a multitude of platforms out there now to post images and being honest they are begining to become annoying with people flooding these places with every move they make. We should however begin a new tag like mentioned and if the idea takes off we should be limited to the amount of images posted per day per person, (per device for people with multiple devices)  Nokia is now Android and also has other features to offer and not limited like Lumia devices where and now Nokia devices have more to offer than ever before and more than what Lumia can now offer.

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Tech Wizard

One of my reasons to pick a Nokia 6 to (hopefully, finally) replace a trustworthy but long obsolete Nokia N8 Symbian phone is the open structure of Android and its wealth of apps and features. My earlier purchase of a Windows 720 phone was a mistake despite the clever marketing from Nokia and Microsoft at the time.

HMD + Nokia + Google is a strong combo. Telenor/Telia Denmark recently teamed up with Nokia Networks to maintain and further develop the network which makes it even stronger. My phone got an Android O compatible Carrier Services app update already, that's cool in a nerdy way.

I suggest consider add pictures on the Map when relevant, and leave the device marketing to others?
It's heart-warming to know thousands of people are forced to see my boring pictures of buildings and food. :-)

To see how it works and how it may impact the privacy of yourself and others:



agree with you here, photos are no longer a differentiator with any brand of phones, everyone has a camera on their phones and social media is full of photos. If a marquee feature can be marketed, then that's a little different.

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