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Topic Duplication and Cancel button in replies

A couple of suggestions please if i am able to provide.

I know I am not representative of everyone's browsing experience here, but when i browse through the topics i do find new ones in the sub-forums but also others that have been duplicated from other forums. It would be good to just be able to post one topic in one forum and leave it in there. I'm not sure if the moderators can move these topics or not, but if they can be moved then the original location should be deleted as well (rather than having all the duplicates).

Also, when starting a new topic it should automatically choose the location as to where you are currently posting (for example, i am posting now in Site Feedback). If a user wishes to post somewhere else, then by all means keep the drop-down box, but leave the default location as the original that was posted.

Finally, when it comes to the cancel option next to the Reply box, please make this re-direct to taking you back to the last page you viewed before you went into the page to which you are replying. At the moment it just pushes the text input box up which doesn't make any sense.

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Hi adrianhughes!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. 

Moderators do sometimes "clean up" posts by moving them to the appropriate forum (for example if someone has posted something in Feature ideas that should clearly be in Site feedback). It should not duplicate the post, however. 

For choosing the forum location automatically, we've made a note of this and will look into it when considering future enhancements. 

We're looking into the reply box issue, and appreciate your patience while we work through it. 

Have a great weekend!

- Anna (moderator) 

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