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The firmware file

Will publish the firmware files?

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Please upload firmware file for Nokia 5 and give us a software recovery tool.

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Hello Nokia company. People love Nokia again, but what matters to people is the convenience of these products. Providing a schematic for handsets and providing flash files and ease of use is one example of a service that has been popular in the past in the past, because the problem with the customers' phones in both the hardware and software sectors is the best way to maintain the company Customers


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I am having constant Software Related Problems since Oreo 8 and I did not get any beta software. Audio is gone, Phone Crashes, I wish to rollback. Indeed one of the things I bought Nokia was that the software did not come with bloatware, now I am sad is not as open as one may believe. Want to roll back to 7.1 a hard reset does not do that.

I had the same problems and it was a FAULTY device... more than 1 month with daily problems.

I returned the phone.

TECH services here (don't know WHO!) say it's working ok! Yeah, sure! With daily use the phone LAGS, freezes and CRASHES all the time...

Now, they don't want to give me a refund (when i have ANOTHER nokia 5 working with almost no problems) - won't accept this.

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