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new range of accessories under HMD team

Now that the nokia has come back with android it could be also a very good idea the HMD team release accessories to complement the phones, as nokia did in the past,  from chargers, portable chargers, speakers, cables, leather pouches, screen protectors, headphones both wired and wireless, etc recently hmd released two car chargers for nokia android phones and added leather cases for nokia 8, those are steps in the right direction but I think should be expanded to cover the whole range nokia covered in the past.  Nokia in fact realeased the nokia DC14 bicycle charger for charging when using a bicycle, that was smart, they even released usb portable modems too.  why not released now Virtual reality or augmented reality branded headsets? that could also be smart from HMD.  Nokia released portable keyboards and so on, even the beautiful nokia booklet 3g laptop.  HMD has the opportunity to increase its presence and differentiate in the smartphone market with more accesories.


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I'm just looking for official accessories for the Nokia C6 BIS unfortunately. Are we going to generally have an accessory shop?

apparently HMD is working on the MD-22 brand new speaker. let's see how it looks like, perhaps it is wireless enabled like the all powerful nokia MD-12 and nokia play 360 speakers

Don't you have any idea reboot Bluetooth headset BH904 (the ones with expendable microphone)? Just few days ago it started loosing the microphone to capture. They had worked almost for eight years.....

Yes I agree we need accessories right now and others are offering spurious ones of course but we surely all want branded one, As HMD is new they will have a strategy plan in place and hopefully in time this will happen

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