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Screen Mirroring not possible

I am not able to do screen Mirroring directly to my TV as possible with my old phone. Is connection is possible only with Chromecast?

Здравствуйте. Телевизор с операционной системой Android (от Philips) подключен. С операционной системой Tizen (Samsung) нет. Нексус 5 работает везде. Писал в техническую поддержку компании Nokia.

Hello. TV with Android operating system (from Philips) is connected. With the operating system Tizen (Samsung) no. Nexus 5 works everywhere. Wrote to technical support of Nokia.

See on tile editing . There is option of cast
No screen mirror option found in Nokia 3 setting I meant the function to display my phone screen to smart TV without any WiFi connection OtHer Android phone OS are capable doing that. Any idea to solve this?
Hello. Phones Nokia mode Stream connect to TV with Android OS. With other TV do not connect. Screenshots Nokia 5. https://yadi.sk/d/qXy1joAv3Mfe96
Need to work out on screen mirroring option in Nokia 6 phone asap. And need to provide the update on the screen mirroring option. This help to Nokia to maintain their reputation.

Have contact Nokia Support about Nokia 3 not having a screen cast feature on phone. Can confirm the Nokia 3 does not support any form of screen cast or mirror casting from phone. Have 3 older budget android phones that i can cast to a smart TV, would not recommend this device

Miracast / Screen Mirroring is a feature that Google dropped from android 5.0 onwards in favour of their own Chromecast. This is why casting isn't working for you, most TVs only support Miracast / Screen Mirroring. From what I have read elsewhere though Android is still able to do this, but to enable it requires root as you need to edit a configuration file. Nokia should be able to enable this with a software update. In the meantime their are some apps in the play store which will enable you to cast things to your TV.

Hello Nokia users

Today, i receive my new Smart phone Nokia 8, it look nice but i did not believe that i can't casting the screen to my Smart TV, i do a little search that bring me here ..
I find that Google had removed MIRACAST ??? 

Unbelievable Samsung S5 can casting to TV & the Nokia 8 can't.

Watch this video... And you will able to cast your screen phone to tv. One more things watch till last coz this is basic screen cast video for nokia 3. I have nokia 3 and now I am able to cast my screen phone to tv. Please try.....And reply back to me if you have any questions. ONLY NOKIA 3 user comment back please coz I have a only nokia 3 device. https://youtu.be/7GOPmlLeDh8 If link broken... Search in playlists in youtube or type in youtube Yadgar DNA. Thanks..
Sorry for inconvenience ....In last messages I typed incorrect Yadgar DNA. Correct name is Gadgat DNA. Thanks I hope you will ignore my mistake coz sometimes spelling auto correct work.
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