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How long will there be Android updates?

The hardware of the Nokia 8 should be fast enough to make the phone last a couple of years. But if there will be no more (security) updates the phone's OS it could quickly become outdated or even vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Therefore I would like to know how long Nokia will provide security and feature updates for the Nokia 8.

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android always up to date as HMD promised is more related to security updates rather than android new releases or builts. I mean, in the future for example there would be android 10 but the hardware in the nokia 3, 5 and 6 perhaps won't make them able to update to the newest software BUT it is very likely that despite the fact of not getting the new version, HMD would be able to provide and keep security patches to those phones even if their android version is not the newest.  Up to date as promised by HMD is more about SECURITY updates for the current version of android their phones are capable of working with, and not about getting the newest Android version.

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I see

 I haven't received any security updates for my Nokia 6 yet. Still on July 2017 patch level.

I'm looking forward to updating my nexus 5 to nokias next flagship. I was hoping for the pixel 2 but with its price and no wireless charging i'm now hoping Nokia will bring to market what i want. but the only thing i don't fully understand is what HMDs long term support will be? i appreciate they are focused no bringing us timely security fixes but what about new versions of android? will we get one update to the phones release version? 2 or even 3 versions of android after the the phone goes on sale?  the one reason i've loved the nexus is its long term support. i hope nokia can fill the void left by the nexus brand? ie, great price, amazing specs and the latest version of android for at least a couple of years?! 

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The two years should include two new Android versions. They have already started that their current handsets will get Android 8 and 9.

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I am also curious to know for what minimum duration Nokia will guarantee security support and also Android updates for its phones.  I have a Nexus 5 and I would be happy to continue using it if not for the lack of security support.  I'm not into rooting/custom ROMS -- I truthfully have no interest in getting that tecchy with my phone, but I do not agree with the mindset that a new phone must be purchased every 2 years to ensure security.  I would be a loyal customer (when my phone is legitimately done) to the company that can provide a solid product that is supported for the long term (4 or 5 years).  Ideally, I'd love to see Android updates as long as possible -- but obviously that depends on the functionality with the phone.  Does Nokia have a minimum timeline guarantee for Android updates and security updates?

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Security updates are more relevant than OS updates IMHO. Not only the maximum matters here but also how long it'll take. Some companies"provide" updates with several months in-between updates. That's ridiculous and a problem often overlooked. I left Sony because of that. A 4-5 year duration (with monthly updates) would be great if course. Unfortunately I don't know if Google themselves actually provide patches for their OS. Even their Nexus and pixel phones have only 3 years guaranteed updates AFAIK. After that the OS version might be abandoned (?). Only some iOS devices are that long supported. But don't get me started on Apple. Lol!

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Can anyone provide a link to Nokia's official (security) update / (feature) upgrade policy?

Did not find anything and don't want to rely on rumors. Does one exist at all? Without such a policy publicly available, all marketing buzz is worth nothing.

E.g., Google's can be found here:

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So I see that Android One guarantees there will be feature updates for two years and security updates for three years:

I think that all of the Nokia models from 3 upwards are certified for Android One.

Unfortunately it's still not clear if this means years from the device purchase or years from the device release. It would be great if HMD could clarify this with a web page that lists every model and when they will receive the last feature and security updates.

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It is very likely the two or three years of support (OS releases and security patches) either with non Android ONE Nokia phones (released in 2016-2017...Nokia 1,Nokia 2) and all those eligible for Android ONE program (Nokia 3,5,6, 6.1,7,7plus,8, 8 sirocco) will be based on the release year HMD present them to the market matter the region or specific market they are sold to.

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Android p Bata Nokia 5
At that date, Android P will be updated on the Nokia 8 model ??
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