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Overheating while charging


My Nokia 6 gets overheated while charging. Even when the mob is switched off and put for charge it heats up rapidly on the back and the edges

On switching on and charging same is observed, used an app to check the battery temperature, it indicates around 43 deg celsius. 

Without charging and on normal usage of whatsapp etc, it is around 36- 37 deg celsius. Please let me know what is the ideal temperature

on using basic apps or while charging

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Hi - it is normal for your phone to become warm sometimes during charging or when the phone is being used extensively (multiple apps being in use, watching long videos etc.). 

If the phone doesn't cool down when you close your apps or take it off charge, or if it feels very hot (rather than just warm), please contact support.  

Hope this helps.

Have a great day! 

Anna (Moderator) 

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