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Issue with camera

Camera quality is very fails even to scan WhatsApp web QR code....can anyone help in this regard. Do we have any provision to change camera . I am ready to pay and get it changed. But I fear losing warranty. If Nokia has such option, anyone kindly let me know. I am frustrated with this camera. I can't take pics of any documents without blurs even from very short distances. Anyone please help me.

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@Bozon, I am reaching the same page in this forum by clicking on the above given link.....


Hi user805, I'm sorry to hear this. Have you tried contacting our customer support? Just scroll down to chat with our support agents (24h support available in English). There you can also find info about your warranty and possible repair services in your area. 

Hope your issue gets resolved soon!

- Anna (moderator) 

Hi,user805,try one camera from thousends in  Play Store who match your exigence! -Bacon Camera, for example.
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