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Require a Nokia Reply to Screen Lock Pin facility for Nokia 6 please!

Can I have a response from Nokia to my query please?

Does the new Nokia 6 have or not have a facility to use a PIN to Lock and Unlock the Screen?  A Yes or No?  Rather than trying to guess whether it does or not!


I have found a reference to a PIN for “Start Up of device”. To me, this does not mean a Screen Lock PIN as it states “a PIN before start up. Until device starts up, it can’t receive calls, messages, including alarms.”  So I do not think this is a PIN for Screen lock.


In trying to locate a PIN Screen lock, I found this message: “Because you have turned on an accessibility service your device wont use your screen lock to enhance data encryption.” 


What is an “accessibility service”? 

Google?  McAfee? 

So if I have McAfee protecting my phone, I cannot use a PIN to lock the screen? 


I would greatly appreciate a reply from Nokia. Thank you for listening.

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Hi Mags!

Sorry to hear you've not had a response to your query yet. As this is a peer-to-peer community we can't always guarantee that you will get an answer right away. That's why we always recommend you contact our customer support directly when you need urgent technical support. Just scroll down to Find answers, then select Chat with us and access our 24h live English language customer support. 

But to answer your question - it is possible to lock your Nokia 6 screen. Here are the instructions on how to do it. 

Accessibility services relate to certain settings that can make the use of your phone easier. You can find some more info here. For further info and for help turning them off I recommend contacting our customer service. 

Hope this helps. Have a great day!

Anna (moderator) 

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