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Suggestions and bugs list for Anna - Please write yours in this thread

I've seen many suggestions about the UI and bug reports all over the place, to make Anna's job easier please write your suggestion, desired feature of bug report on this one thread:bug report on this one thread:bug report on this one thread:bug report on this one thread:


Basic features missing

• @mentions

• Private messages

• Threaded conversations

• Admin & Moderator badges

• Share function: Facebook OK but Twitter, is missing, include Sina Weibo, WeChat, Whatsapp, Messenger. Google+ is useless


Over to you, rest of knowledgable users!

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One more bug: when posting this it didn't allow me to publish everything, saying I used inappropriate language, which was obviously not the case >> review your banned keywords 


• Reply button taking you back to sign in

• Users can 'upvote' their own posts - abuse secured!

• When posting it always appears the green banner saying 'your post will be published when approved', even it IS actually public if you refresh one second later


UI & look and feel

• The navigation tree is way too deep, you have many layers of forums, subforums, etc… simplify them, no more than three levels.

• Site loads too slow, get rid of the bloated code behind, navigating from one topic to another takes ages

• Get rid of that big photo as the header! For the Home page goes fine, but not on every forum, sub-thread the default location as the original that was posted.

• No email notification for every single reply to your posts please, make this optional within user's profile

• Automation rules: not allowing to create usernames with keywords like 'Nokia', phone name, offensive words

• User profiles should have many more customisation and personalization options

• Get Akismet right away! It won't take too long for spammers to discover this forum

• On Home Page indication of which forums have new posts and / or unanswered questions

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Tech Wizard

To supplement the UI & look and feel posts by Possukka (in random order):

+ There is a noticeable delay to load the custom font from Dropbox on each page change.

+ The headline typeface becomes too skinny on the mobile + it's confusing when the headline/subject font and layout used in the forum overview changes to something different when selecting a specific topic.

+ Please review the vertical white-space everywhere, and set a more readable maximum line length limit at ~ 60-80 characters.
+ The horizontal space gained above leave room for a navigation menu and more in a separate pane to the left (in computer layout).

Promoting the search function at the top is fine, but please review the Login and New Topic functionality?

If a user is not logged in > does a search > does not find what he need - then New Topic is the most prominent next option.

+ In this scenario, the forum should guide both new and registered users through sign-up/sign-in if required, then redirect back to a new topic, ideally with the search keywords as subject.

I don't know how much you are permitted to change or if the forum must keep its modernistic look?
Anyway, I would appreciate some adjustments to make it less time-consuming to participate.

For inspiration regarding the functionality I seek in a web based forum, try visit Google Groups:!forum/

(Sign in and read some of the posts and subjects to reveal all its options).


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Hey Hans, good to read you again! <smiley face> 

(I write it due to the lack of emoticons, yet another basic feature missing from this very spartan platform)



Thanks both for your valuable points & suggestions. We're starting from the basics with the aim to improve the experience as we go along. Just bear with us while we do it. :)

And thanks for your offer to help - we'll let you know if we need any! 

Anna (Moderator) 

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