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No LED light so ambient display needed

As there is no notification light is available on Global version HMD Global Nokia must implement Ambient display option or any Glance options for users to resolve this hectic issue. Thanks A Nokia 6 user.

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Setting up notifications will appear when the update to Android 8. Now you can install the program from Google play. I use Prof Reminder.

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yes we needed ambient display its required thing for smart phone.

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Use/Try AcDisplay till availability.

Yes we want, NOKIA please provide that features 

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TA1021 (joker) model have't some feature like, led notification, night mode, ambient display etc.

It is smart phone or ordinary phone just like a metal box ?

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We are using nokia 6 metal box 

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Led bildirimi bizde istiyoruz !!!
Glen screen !!!

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Honestly, I never liked Glance screen. SPECIALLY on LCD phones (like all released HMD phones) where the entire screen remains lit.

Going forward, they definitely need to add notification lights to their phones.

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 Or start using AMOLED screens a glance screen is much more efficient than on LCD.

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If anyone want to try to push them (Nokia) to consider a capacitive button notification, please RT or just tweet to them!

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Hi a new user since nokia left symbian but now we are in a new era so we want the best mobile of the market , just for that we need (users of nokia HDM) that you modify or install ambient light for notifications in the nokia 6 i personally try Ac from gg play and not work well because needs a lot of configuration and its like to have unlook the screen two times and is annoying. Thanks a lot for this.
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