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There's no battery percentage at the notification bar

Hi i would like to inform you that the nokia 3 does not have battery percentage at the notification bar in the battery settings. I can't not know the battery level without going deep in the battery settings. Or is there a way i can enable the battery percentage on the notification bar? Let me know. Thanks.

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Hello. On the main splash screen to run your finger across the screen from top to bottom. The symbol of the cog to push and keep 5~7 seconds. Add the function System UI Tuner in the settings menu. Enter the menu settings, System UI Tuner . Status. Battery. To choose to always display the % of charge.

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Hi, this helps a little bit as the battery level goes down it is impossible to read the percentage with because of black background. Can you please show percentage separately in white colour???

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Hello. No sorry.

Hi user 351,actually if you install Tiles.apk or Tiles extention for Nougat.apk from market,in the drop down menu the percentage of battery will be white on black ! :-)

Cheers !

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