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Nokia 9 (upcoming successor of nokia 8 according to leaks) should be based in Nokia N950

I am here to suggest HMD team to please take into account the design language implemented in the nokia N950 (a prototype from some years ago before the Microsoft acquisition) to be the base of the New Nokia 9 which is supposed to be in the works right now.  Then N950 had physical  QWERTY keyboard but nowadays it could be taken off to make a very similar design slimmer but keeping much of the clean and minimalistic design the nokia N950 had. It was a phone that even made its way onto developers to whom nokia gave the prototypes for testing the Meego OS back in 2011 aprox.  The phone never saw the light to the public due to Microsoft closing development of the Meego platform, but today the physical aspect of the phone can be paired with the Android OS as HMD is committed to.  Please HMD and other users take a look at the archives to see what I mean, that nokia n950 was beautiful and can be updated to keep up with the times now in the era of bezel less phones and slimmer bodies as the likes of the Galaxy line from Samsung.  The Nokia n950 even came with zeiss optics and looked amazing, please it is also possible to see it in action in youtube under the tag NOKIA N950 TEASER.  Perhaps more users can vote for that design so HMD conducts a survey before the expected successor of nokia 8 come to reality...dont forget AMOLED screens, Pureview tech, CBD clear black display, aluminum body, fm radio, zeiss optics, ozo audio, dolby atmos speakers, glance screen, DDR4 for memory, battery life and the UI from lumia camera recently acquired by HMD from Microsoft. iris scanner, 3.5mm jack, usb type C, fast charging, all that in one package to please Absolute all needs from high end customers.

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 I like your idea for a detachable keyboard, it would be like a mini-tablet... maybe a bit like a Surface Phone!

HMD could beat MS to the punch and make a phablet with detachable keyboard. I think this would need to be combined with a powerful desktop OS to make the most of this, since Android doesn't really have the power. Ubuntu Touch, or a dual boot with Chrome OS could be a possible. Or Google need to add desktop abilities to Android to make it possible.

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