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Nokia Please Make A Different UX For Nokia Android Devices

I Just Bought Nokia 6.All Over Device is Awsome But Stock Android UX Make It Boring.. Please Make A Good Uesr Interface In Anroid Oreo.

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Please no... We bought the Nokia 6 for a lot of reasons... And one big reason is for the stock UI. PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT. You can change launchers if you want.

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People buying Nokia 6 because of pure android, there are many other heavily UI added phone on the market, please don't abuse Nokia purity

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I agree on that...

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Nokia, you give to other option for me like launcher or custom nokia rom

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Even if Nokia phones are shipped with the stock Android as a "selling" point, it would be great if HMD could make a Nokia UX available for download from Play, exclusive to Nokia phone owners. There are many great UXs in Nokia's history that could be brought to the HMD phones on Android, starting with the most recent and easiest - the Z-Launcher could be brought out of beta AND Nokia could renew the certificate on the website! :D

Also the Fastlane for Asha and X could be added, and combined with the Swipe UI from the N9 and altogether HMD would have the best UX on the market, and it would still be completely optional for customers.

HMD, please think about it. Because if we're only buying your phones for the hardware (because the software is ordinary) then the hardware has to be truly outstanding, world leading.

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Keep everything as stock and basic as possible. That way the end user can customise their phone the way they want; not the way the manufacturer thinks they should.

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Get a launcher if you want a different UI, there's plenty around the Google Play store and alot of them are free. But please don't ask Nokia to essentially force one users that don't want one.

Easily one of Nokia's greatest selling points is the basic and pure implementation of Android with no unnecessaries on top.

What's so bad about it anyways?

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No way, stock Android is good for a number of reasons, including updates, performance & battery life. Besides, we get Nokias because we like how stock Android looks. God know what the manufacturer skin will look like, & I'm doubt it'll be any good. So Nokia, your doing it great on the software side. Except for that bootloader unlockable.

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Android's stock UI is improving but it's still got a lot to improve before it's got the features and usability of UIs that Nokia had in the past, as I explained above.

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