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Screen light does not turn on when phone is locked on getting notification

hello, i bought nokia 6. when phone is locked and any notification comes from any app screen light does not turn on. it does not show any notification. i have to unlock phone to check notification. only notification tune rings. 

it should light up screen when phone is locked on getting notification.

please help

I am facing all the scenario. And my experience too is the same.we need a quick response on this.
Yap there's no led notification !!! The version TA1021
Nokia, please do something. The problem is really serious.



As this is a peer-to-peer forum, for any issues requiring quick assistance we always recommend you get in touch with customer support directly. Just scroll down to Find answers and select Chat with us.

Have a great day,

Anna (Moderator)

Guys, try Always On AMOLED app. Very useful! Thanks for customer support for advice!
But it s killing the batterie life..and we dont get in the seetings
Did you try before you have replied?
No bro! Im sorry..so can you take screen shot to see the application..and thank you
Thank you so much
After being so mad for not having hw led and after using noLed app, i ve started to enjoy my n6 phone. I still appreciate and want glance screen function. It will be definetly more stable then 3th party aps. Please consider it...hundreds of users will benefit and start loving their devices.
With Oreo the problem will be solved.

Anybody has any app advices or news on this issue or we are still waiting for an update?


Fianlly i got the solution for notification my own R&D.

This is applicable for notification option for all apps.


Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > App Notifications > Messages >you must enable all in this app

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