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Thanks for all the great product feature ideas!


There are already some great suggestions on here. Love seeing the community come together and sharing their ideas - keep them coming! :) 

Anna (moderator) 

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I have posted several ones, this is another one: Please make the retail boxes nokia phones are shipped in smaller, as small as possible, take for example the box of nokia N9, which was so compact yet sturdy enough to pack the phone without damaging it.  I miss the blue color in nokia boxes (now HMD no longer use blue boxes) and as far as I can see the retail boxes from HMD are in some ways not that compact, there is still empty space left for no reason (making them smaller would require less paper, raw materials and more boxes could be made and shipped together at once reducing footprint negative impact in the environment) use less plastic bags and unnecessary plastic parts for assembling the boxes, phones from HMD which has removable batteries tend to pack the battery inside a small plastic bag which is unnecessary.   Remember the days nokia had its "we recycle" approach for returning old phones for responsible recycling, phone that no longer worked had the chance to be collected in nokia service points around the globe.  I see no similar approach now under HMD management, I hope things like this are not left behind.  I hope HMD remains green and committed to protect the environment by the holistic point of view Nokia has had over the years with regards to their product's manufacturing and usage.

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Please make the return of the white background with the nokia logo in blue color where the two hands are reaching to one another a reality in the booting up sequence when turning the phone  on.  That could be implemented in Android by HMD developers, and don't forget the sound it came with, I mean getting both iconic differentiators in nokia phones, the animation and sound which is loved and recognizable by millions of users around the globe.  Also, please improve the UI for camera in nokia 8 to use its zeiss capabilities way better, the lumia camera UI recently acquired by HMD could be exported to be used under Android for HMD customers, the nokia camera UI which was rebranded as lumia camera was so useful, yet powerful for camera enthusiasts using nokia phones with zeiss optics (remember for example nokia pureview 808, nokia N8,nokia N,  nokia 1020, nokia 930 an so on) the current UI used in nokia 8 is not as useful and polished like nokia formerly camera UI

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Many many of us, have love for the Nokia brand, Nokia means quality, design, innovation.  Nokia fans are going to do what it is possible to keep Nokia in the game once more, loyal nokia customers won't left behind such an iconic brand, that´s for sure...the main thing is that HMD DO LISTEN what customers want now in the present and avoid some little mistakes and bad decisions Nokia former teams had (poor CPU choices...lack of RAM...inconsistent app and OS development for example symbian and microsoft...little things that made customers take a look at the competitors like and apple)  apart from that Nokia remains a source of inspiration and innovation than even apple can't  match and won't catch up...that's for sure :)

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