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Tech Wizard

i'm new to android and would appreciate an article in this forum regarding the way android works, guidance for the seemingly endless options to configure and customize everything, and an overview regarding the options hmd/nokia have added or removed in comparison with other android manufacturers?

google play store makes me feel like a lab rat lost in a labyrinth. a 'sticky' list with third-party apps in the forum would be useful, to provide frequently requested added functionality regarding the camera, file management & sharing, audio and video editing etc.

i so far found open camera, total commander file manager, and a good audio recorder by sony mobile.
(the first two are nerdy but seem to do everything, the audio recorder is straightforward).

i'm sure the information is out there already, somewhere. it's just a matter of finding it and make it available here.


do you plan to allow experienced users create and maintain this kind of sticky/wiki articles in the forum?



Hi hpholm!

Thanks for your message. You've raised a really good point about having a space for discussions about the Android OS, software updates etc. That's why we've created a new area on the forum where you can discuss all software/OS related things. If at some point an Android specific FAQ is created we can make that topic sticky to ensure visibility. Great idea!

When it comes to customization & configuration, we have actually gone the other way. We really pride ourselves on our commitment to using pure, secure and up to date Android software which means you will have access to the full spread of Google Services and no unnecessary extras. With regular updates you'll always stay on top of features and security.

For more information on the Android OS visit 

Have a great day!

Anna (moderator) 

Tech Wizard

Thanks Anna.

I'm happy to share my experience with others and appreciate the knowledge of other users, but I was hoping for some way to work with your engineers regarding the more nerdy stuff. An assurance that error reports, suggestions etc. in the forum are curated and forwarded to the developers or monitored unofficially by the developers, would work for me.
- It usually end in tears when developers and engineers interact with customers in a public forum.

There are currently unresolved Bluetooth interoperability issues regarding heart rate belts and smart watches (and likely car infotainment systems too), and the AGC/limiter the audio part of video recordings need some fine tuning (and maybe a bass filter). Just to mention the two Nokia specific firmware issues I encountered so far.

To have Google develop and update the phone OS and their apps is no guarantee that it works flawless.
For example Google Fit is currently unstable in itself and cause overall stability issues on my Nokia 6 phone.

Since HMD decided to provide a pure Android experience, it is in my opinion vital that users are pointed to a curated list of good quality third-party apps, which provide the extra functionality that has already become FAQ's in this forum, regarding file management/sharing, camera features etc.
- Customers compare their new Nokia with the phones from other vendors that run modified Android and vendor specific apps out the box.



Hi hpholm!

This forum is operated by HMD Global OyHMD Global is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets since December 2016 and our remit covers only the devices listed on the Nokia phones site. Please be aware that any other Nokia related activities/products beyond phones (e.g. networks, health and virtual reality) are not in our scope in any way. 

If I understand correctly, when you mention heart rate belts and smart watches, you must be referring to Nokia Health related products, which HMD is not involved with in any manner. You can find more information on Nokia Health here. 

Regarding your question about curating and sharing the content with our product development teams - we follow the discussions closely and will be regularly sharing issues, feedback and ideas with the relevant parties. 

Have a wonderful day!

Anna (Moderator)

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