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DolbyATMOS full version

only two modes are available, i just experted full version of dolby Atmos. we want full version.

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There is no "full version" for Dolby Atmos Audio Matrixing Algorithm, it is an algorithm. What you are getting is the 2 modes of operation of the Dolby Atmos for a 2 speaker setup.

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Yes.there is no Dolby Atmos full version in nokia 6. Only 2 modes music and theaters mode are there which is not original Dolby Atmos. Please provide Full version with Dolby Atmos app in next update.

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Before talking anything about implementation of Dolby Atmos 2 speaker setup, please have a look at what it is. After the comment the link is provided. Have a good read to understand it. Dolby Atmos is an Audio Matrixing Algorithm used to generate Audio signals to make you believe something is somewhere. It is an Algorithm that in no manner can be modified which is why there are only 2 modes of operation. The other modes like Game Mode and Live Mode are not available for this little hardware. However Theater Mode can be used as Game Mode and Music Mode is a Dynamically Adjusting Mode and can be used with any content. Link:

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