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Update issue

I can't update my Nokia 3 to the latest Android version. Whenever I click on system update the latest version of Android i.e security patch (144.3mb) appears but without any option to download it. Anybody got any idea how to fix this? Help would be very much appreciated.BTW I tried resetting the device but received no satisfactory outcome regarding the issue

Hi user402 ! It's very simple .You will update from your SDcard folowwing the steps below:

1-download on your PC the Update file in format .zip 

2-connect your phone to PC with the cable(you must have installed on PC the driver for Nokia3)

3-copy the file in zip format to the SDcard at the root of Sdcard

4-disconnect the phone from PC

5-put your phone into Recovery menu using the buttons

6-from the menu choose with vol-up or down "Apply update from SDcard"

7-navigate to the file you copyed before from PC and hit ok

             sucess !

All the best !

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Thanks for the help man. Will try that for sure.
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