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relaunch iconic designs (nokia 515, nokia 301, nokia asha 503) for example

hmd could also relaunch iconic designs (nokia 515, nokia 301, nokia asha 503) for example, the feature phone market is still big and despite smartphones dominance for high end users, many many users still want to buy feature phones with style and craftsmanship of a high end smartphone but in the form of a feature phone, feature phones are a success due to their simplicity and durability, examples of awesome devices with premium materials in the feature phone segment were nokia 515, nokia 301, and nokia asha 503, each of them with key design approaches, from aluminum to cristal clear housing.  

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Nokia could resurrect the N95 as well as the legendary series returns and even resurrect the Xpressmiusic series.
Exactly the N series too
A full QWERTY keyboard feature phone would be great like the Nokia Asha 210

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Those Asha 500 series phones were in my opinion; UGLY!  Too blocky. If they make them a little taller. That would enhance the appearance.

I don't think people would go for the "think" phone look as what we got from a lot of the N series phones.

If they relaunch anything it has to look modern in order to sell.

Hi all, yes, these phones were by far the best simple feature phones by Nokia! I cannot understand why they now promote the simple Series30 phones instead of these Series40, which are much more superior! Is there anybody out there that can make a difference, anybody I can speak to to promote my case?

 My vote would go to the 515. I'm currently using a 3310 3g as I want a simple feature phone, but I want a better camera. We had feature phones with better cameras a decade ago, I don't understand why the 3310 and especially the new 8110 have to be stuck with 2mp cameras. 

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