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Front camera Focus problems

Let's talk about the front camera Do you have problems with the front camera not focusing or taking blurry photos ? Do you think Nokia will fix these issues with an update.

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I am also facing front camera focus issue on nokia 5. Kindly help to fix on priority

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I returned mine I found that the focus issue is just because of the actual camera and can't be fixed. I guess they had to cut costs. I returned mine to Amazon and bought the honor 6x and the dual cameras are absolutely outstanding. Better than my iPhone 7 plus. The honor 6x is $189USD and is also getting android Oreo. I'm sorry I really wanted to like the Nokia 6 but the camera just can't keep up with the moto G5 or the honor 6x
I think Nokia can fix this issue with an update. I don't think it's a hardware problem, i also have Nokia 3 and it's front camera is working perfectly well. So hopefully Nokia will help us

 the front camera of nokia 6 8mp is ok, but the problem is with software , as i used 3rd party apps the resulted pics are nice as compared to the system camera app !

pls update the camera app !

Even I am facing this problem. Buying Nokia 6 is wrong decision
I have even captured selfies in raw with third party apps it's just the image processing of pre-installed app is not upto the price
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