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HMD's tablet segment running Android (based on Nokia 2520 tablet, Nokia N1 Android tablet y Nokia booklet 3G laptop)

hmd has the rights of the nokia brand for phones, smartphones and tablets and it is clear their main focus is now in feature phones and smartphones but as nokia returns to be a top player and catches up samsung and apple in not a distance future hmd could be start developing tablets using android, as android is becoming more and more relevant in the mobility computing (android approach for desktop users) it would be awesome to see a nokia tablet from hmd running desktop like software from google (android) with amazing hardware like the one present in the nokia 2520 which was a tablet released with windows rt (the idea was smart but due to microsoft odd software it never was a success nor a laptop replacement)  the nokia 2520 even came with the su-42 keyboard also manufactured by nokia, that physical keyboard had built in battery, two usb ports, and served as a carrying pouch, or case for protecting the nokia 2520 tablet, that tablet had an impressive ips lcd screen and zeiss optics, 4g lte capability, and of course the lumia ui and attractive policarbonate colors from the lumia range.  another example was when nokia launched the nokia booklet 3g laptop (had 3g capabilities by a sim card slot) beautiful aluminum body, with hd screen and amazing battery life up to 12 hours, run windows 7 but due to the lack of ram and slow cpu it never was a laptop replacement for much people, lastly nokia n1 came with android 5.1.1 and as the last product from nokia technologies team it remains true to nokia roots with regards to simplicity and design, nokia n1 was beautiful and pretty capable despite having only wifi and not cellular capabilities.

imagine having a laptop like nokia booklet 3g or a tablet like nokia 2520 with it su 42 keyboard with some sort  of inspiration in nokia n1 running the lates android os for desktop users, it would certainly be a good move into mobility, android is the top platform for mobile users, and is becoming more and more powerful making it a truly competitor for desktop os like microsoft windows without the need of so powerful yet battery consuming components cpus, etc.  android for desktop is being developed and tested more and more by google and developers, so there is a market for that, i see a promising future for android to take on microsoft windows and apple macos and hmd can use googles success to incorporate it into the tablet segment in the future.  tablet shipments are low but because phones are capable of doing what a tablet can, but having a tablet capable of doing what a pc can would certainly increase tablet shipments once again.

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Over the last week a Windows update blacked out my perfect Nokia 2520 (was updated automatically by Windows. The screen went black except for flashing wifi and mouse which i can move around in the blacked out screen (mouse appears white).

I am trying to find somewhere in Nokia to get a link to Win 8.1 RT because Microsoft will NOT help with Nokia Tablet, even though a Microsoft Update blacked it out and hundreds of other people have had this problem. I want my Nokia working again, it is in perfect condition before update. This is a deliberate act to destroy property to get people to buy a new one, I am a welfare dependent pensioner and would have to save for one year to buy a new one. I want my Nokia 2520 working again sooner than 1 year.

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Really would love to see an Android tablet released. Make sure though that it has at least one USB port.
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