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Internal Storage / Transferring

Internal Storage is so great as 16GB, but the system consumed lots of space with a total of 7GB plus my apps with 4GB. I only have 5GB left. And there's more about transferring your apps from internal to SDcard at the guide list but when I try to locate it. There's no such thing. Just trying to give more space of my Internal tho but overall this Nokia5 is lit. ❤️

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When you install the memory card mode is selected using. If you choose portable nostale then you can't transfer apps to the SD card. Select the mode of Internal memory.
2. To transfer apps to the memory card you need to go to Settings/ Apps/ Select app/ Memory/ Change/ and select the location of SD card.
But there's no memory/change option in all of my apps. All I see is "Clear Data". (If only I can send screenshots.)
Here are my screenshots. Teach Russian language.
Doesn't work for me, it gives me sd cars corrupted NOKIA !!!!! juste cam back!!
I appreciate that. But it doesn't help. I'm a Filipino, not a Russian (that's why I don't understand the process).

It's simple. First you need to install memory card internal storage. Then go to Settings/ Apps/ choose app/ Memory/ if using an internal shared drive( phone) click EDIT.

Here is our forum. Detailed description of the use of memory in all modes.

Good luck in mastering the Russian language.

The spoiler has to be pushed.

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