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new nokia 6 phone out of box crash after update

buy a new nokia 6 and open the box move all my stuffe to the phone and its two updats after second update the phone goes to recovery and i cant get it to android os any more.

Hi Busk, please be so kind to inform us how your problem has been solved by yourself, by the shop where you bought your Phone or in the end by HMD? 

It will be send to nokia or the online store where i bought It. I dont find the nesesary rom or zip for ADB update. It stuck in android start logo when battery charging. This phone will i declare DOA. and This is a disaster for nokia. Sending updates that kill the phone. Im realy disepointed.

Hi Busk, When the firmware is mixed up for what ever reason, customers of the actual Nokia phones are very limited in repair and/or recovery facilities. HMD refuses to release flash tools and stock TA ROMs. This is a totally different policy compaired with the so called Symbian period. I wonder how long HMD will or can continue this undesirable situation.

Well a new phone that gets wrong firmware thats realy strange. I have only follow the instructions i got when i started the phone the first time in its life. Im realy disepointed.

In my opinion the options 3 and 4 are hoax facilities, because your applicable TA rom is needed to implement. Since HMD is not prepaired, for what ever reason, to provide us with TA roms this procedure will not work. Bootloader is locked and cannot be unlocked  And when you are capable to unlock the bootloader the entire OS will be wiped. And what will happen when your TA rom is not available. Exactly: nothing. I keep on oposing this remarkeble attitude of HMD.  

My problem is smae and i have gone to nokia care and they install me the software nut my pjone is not getting update now.Why?
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