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Battery drainage and Hanging issue

Did anyone faced massive battery drainage and Hanging issue using Nokia 3 . I am facing such issues , what shall I do ?

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Did you made these (dont forget it''s a Phone and not a Laptop):

-disconnect wifi and internet Data when you not use Internet

-disconnect Location,Gps when you don t need

-disable All applications You don''t use frequently

-choose a Black wallpaper(the screen is 5",so a lot of battery needed here)

-disconnect Autosync and sync manually when you have time to check e-mail,Facebook,etc.

-Use Clean Master .apk to close apps and clean memory

-avoid keeping the phone in the heat(sun,worm places,etc)

-keep display on AUTO brightness or minimum

-choose a black theme for Keyboard ?

If you did so,you shouldn t have any problem.

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