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What is the target audience of this community?

if you're looking for average consumers, the ui is terrible and lack of too many things to attract.

if you're looking for developers or power-users, i don't see any technical pros and cons come out yet.

this, so called community by nokia, should have done years ago. the question is, why now and as mine question in the title, what is target audience of this community?

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Hi Verified

Thanks for your very valid question. 

This community is for anyone using or interested in Nokia branded phones manufactured by HMD Global Oy

HMD Global is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets since December 2016 and our remit covers only the devices listed on the Nokia phones site.

Please be aware that any other Nokia related activities/products (e.g. networks, health and virtual reality) are not in our scope. Please also be aware that Nokia Lumia products are the property of Microsoft and any questions relating to Lumia devices should be directed at them.

Thanks for your comments on the UI. This kind of feedback is very useful as we slowly but surely develop the community. We want it to be easy, engaging and intuitive to use for both power users & first timers alike. 


Have a wonderful day!

Anna (moderator) 

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