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Screen mirroring to smart TV

No screen mirror option found in Nokia 3 setting I meant the function to display my phone screen to smart TV without any WiFi connection OtHer Android phone OS are capable doing that. Any idea to solve this?

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Hello. Phones Nokia mode Stream connect to TV with Android OS. With other TV do not connect. Screenshots Nokia 5.

 in nokia3 shortcut do not have the screen-share/"stream"/mirror icon. looks like it's not come along with the android7. not sure u guys have any idea of good app to enable the screen mirror to smart/android tv.

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You have to press the sign of the pencil and drag the items you want. To add a stream. There will be two pages.

If you want to cast your phone, tablet or laptop to TV buy a Chromecast, it worked with android nokia phone, I have got Nokia 3 as well it doesn't have cast button but I'm using Chromecast to cast my Nokia phone at the moment until it comes

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Ben 8

In my case, through chromecast , send only audio, not image, i dont know why?? You know why this?

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