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Incomplete/ missing Software Features

Dear Nokia, I like your phone Nokia 5. but it seems that very basic feature that is even being currently implemented on Every platform from Mobile to Windows OS. A feature that is missing which is called night light mode/ blue light screen filter. The Notification Quick setting is also missing basic shortcuts so user has to download and install third party software app in order to bring them in quick settings. Also' Previous Nokia phone had the ability to change UI theme where now it doesn't have these. I hope to see these in next coming updates. Regards

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Agree. I was expecting night mode with 7.1.1 update and was disappointed. I would be happy if you add this feature in some future update. Thank you.

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Like other phone nokia has no gallery app this is disappointing. I hope it will be added with the next update

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It has not any Nokia account too and many more.
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