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Can't able to control earpiece volume during call

yesterday i received nokia 6 matte black device. i am facing a measure issue with earpiece volume, during the call i can't able to control the earpiece volume, it will always be too high, if i want to down the volume which will show me volume level as minimum,  but earpiece volume will remain same (too high at both on maximum as well as minimum) due to that getting pain on my ears. already had a word with nokia chat, as they suggested to return the device under 10 days amazon return policy. i believe its a software issue if i am connecting a headphone during call then i can able to control the headphone volume even speakers volume is controllable but unable to control earpiece volume. anyone else having the same problem please reply.

android version: 7.1.1

android security patch level: 1 august 2017

kernel version: 3.18.31-perf fri aug 4 16:41:55 cst 2017

Yes I face same problem. Temporary solution is to reset phone. Mostly it occurred when I update phone, but sometimes it occurred without update. Resetting phone after few days is annoying, but it is necessary so that I can use phone without pain. Can anyone tell me what is the actual reason of this problem, and what is permanent solution to this?
After next day when this occurs with my phone. I have done some search on Google, found that if restoring old phone backup from google drive then its probably happen as old phone backup optimise some Android feature which doesn't suits with your new phone. However i have cleaned reset the phone wthout any backup restore from google, then its works absolutely fine. No problem found yet again. Hope this will help you.
Resetting phone is temporary solution. I reset my phone, it works. But after few days, issue surface again. I again reset my phone, it again fixed. Then again issues surfaced. I repeated this process multiple time. It is annoying and wastage of time. Is there any long term solution for this? Did you face issue again after resetting phone? Have you turned on your phone to auto updates?
I have reset my phone once after purchase and now about 20 days passed away but didn't face again the same problem, software auto update is on for me and currently 1 September security patch is running. I believe you have to turn off automatic restore option from backup and restore in setting, however its on for me. Try this could help to resolve the issue.
i have nokia 6 and i have a problem with the volume of the sound on the phone headset. the speakers hear the conversation, without being able to lower the volume of the phone keys. I find it unacceptable. Please fix it.
Please turn doubly surround option off and try it again. Thanks
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