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Camera shutter sound

Im using Nokia 6 from 2 weeks. I have observed that we cannot turn of the shutter sound of camera which is very annoying... I even asked in Nokia support chat and I got to know that because of security reasons shutter sound can't be turned off.... I think it's annoying for most of the users.... I would be happy if there is an option to turn off the shutter sound.... Thank you

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I'm sorry to hear this. Have you run the latest update? If so, and the problem persist, please contact our customer support again to let them know.

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator)

Even i am facing the same issue...even after disabling the shutter sound,the camera plays the shutter sound when clicking pictures . I have also run the latest update .The issue is not resolved for me too! Regards, Soumya

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 yaa same issue the shutter button is no use !

if the shutter button be on or off the sound will be always on ! 

pls note: i have updated it to the latest as available tried everything as stated by the chat support ! den also no use !
Could not put the camera shutter sound on mute, even though phone is on silent mode. Is this OS problem, or problem from Nokia side. I have tried Nokia chat support, i didn't get any reply from them regarding this. Anyone to help.
Yes, camera shutter sound just can't be turned off, though I keep the ring volume media volume to zero. But nothing helps


Hi all,

An update for you regarding the shutter sound:

We need to ensure that we always comply with local laws and regulations. The laws in some countries require for the camera sound to remain on. This is to protect people from privacy violations (such as pictures being taken of them without their consent). 

If your software is up-to-date and you still can't turn the camera sound off, this can be due to the privacy regulations in your country.

Hope this helps,

Anna (Moderator) 

Wtf! What security does HMD Global establish by not turning the shutter sound off. Very disappointed with the phone. Small things haven't been taken care of. Even you can't change default sim for messages. You don't have vibrate on call connect option, no notification LED. Unable to figure out if it's a Nokia phone or some joke.

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Ssly i have used many phone but non used this type of regulation . Well you say its if for privacy then if someone is giving bribe to someone and i want to click there photo or if you are in a theater where you need to be silent and i want to click a picture what then be the center of attraction. Ssly change that opption or else dont give that option and make pepole burn.

Tech Wizard

How does the Open Camera app work regarding this?

I can turn off the camera sound in HMD's app too, so Anna is correct regarding local government regulations, but wonder if it's in the firmware or by app.


Hey Anna, if this problem was due to the regulations in the country then other phones  would also have the same problem. But that is not the case. In phones of all other brands, camera sound can be turned off. So, it's very clear now that it's not due to regulations in a country but a serious bug in Nokia 6. Please do something to fix it instead of posting shitty excuses.

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Hi Team, I guess it is not because of the country specific policy as other phones have that camera sound turn off feature. Please review the policies and give this option of turning off this irritating camera click sound.

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It is a bug of Nokia 6 and they are trying to find the excuses, fake policy and commitments by you, you must pay all of us 1000$ fine because it is a kind of cheat and fraud.

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