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Black theme for Nokia Phones

Hi guys! I think it's a good idea adding a Black theme for Nokia phones with Android.

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Writing fonts and themes in other colours

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If you have patience until we will have Oreo(Android 8),the problem with Black themes will be resolved with Substratum.apk You will be able to install any theme compatible with Substratum-and believe me: there are a lot! All the best!

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Does substratum from play store work on non rooted Nokia 8? Or I need to root my device.

There is a Substratum add-on called "Andromeda", which allows the Substratum Theme Engine to operate without rooting. I hope HMD will make use of this opportunity to create a consistent Nokia look and feel on Android Oreo..

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I like that Nokia have struck with default Android. If you want themes can't you install a different launcher?


To put it in the words of Seth Godin:"In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible."

With Google stock Android Nokia fits in and doesn't stand out. 

Particularly if the default is Google Material Design and the Nokia Support App in Nokia Design.

@pepepez in the current Android ecosystem, stock Android is a strong selling point. Most manufacturers rely on heavy UI customisation to differentiate themselves and as a result their handsets don't get the prompt security updates that Nokia promises. (Nokia/HMD aren't perfect in this regard but they're doing better than most). And like I said, you can always install other themes/launchers on top.

@Simon: In the current Android ecosystem, the most successful ones are those that offer an integrated user experience (e. g. Samsung) and the most unsuccessful ones that offer a "Stock Android" (e. g. HTC).

The above mentioned Substratum and Andromeda provide HMD with the opportunity to offer Nokia Look&Feel on Nokia devices without changing the underlying Android (Oreo).

I suspect Nokia disagrees with you, based on their press releases and interviews. They're treating vanilla Android as a major selling point.
No. Substratum doesn't count as a custom ux. It's still stock even if you customize the look of your Android phone using subs. It won't change anything in your root settings... That's why it's awesome. And it won't allow down your phone because it is built in the phone.

HI Nokia, please give us theme option to install new themes. so we can customise UI.. 

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