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Very poor customer service

i had recently purchased a nokia 6 handset on amazon and to my surprise, this phone did not support voice over lte feature (volte). so i checked with the customer care and they asked me to reset the phone after a few troubleshooting steps. after performing a reset, i called them up again and had to explain all that i had done so far. but the representative asked me to perform the same set of steps again, like an "automated machine". no wonder, that did not help. finally, i visited an authorized service center and they had no clue about this phone. they were like "when did such a thing come in the market. we cannot help you. you better return the phone on amazon." i felt if i did a mistake by buying this phone. over the next two days, i called them up again and again till i could convince one of them that my phone does not support that feature. and he arranged for a pickup. a day later, a blue dart courier guy collected my phone. i called the customer care for a fifth time to check the status of my phone. and they have no clue about the phone. but at least they are assuring that the issue will be resolved. i hope this will be done soon. although they did not specify how long it might take. 

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Hi user1234567!

Sorry to hear about your experience. I know it's been some time but we just wanted to check in - did you get your issue resolved? 

We're not sure which support center you contacted, but if you face any further issues you can always contact our own customer support. We have round the clock English language chat support available.

Hope you've gotten a solution to your problem and are now able to enjoy your Nokia 6 without any problems! :)

Have a great weekend,

Anna (Moderator) 

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