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Love Nokia

My first touch mobile was Nokia LUMIA520 and waited for so long around 1year to get my second touch mobile...thtz was only d 1 n only Nokia.I could not wait for nokia6 to get by Amazon .So I purchased Nokia5 on 3sep I really liked the design.Really very impressive mobile.. 1st touch mobile_ 17july 2013 Purchased NOKIA Lumia520 5sep2016 black screen with a message on top and nokicare couldn't repaired d set; yet I'm having it I got disappointed because my birthday was on 8 September and after that I got a news that Nokia Android is coming soon...I was so happy I will get as soon it comes to took so long time about 1year n that time I was not having any smart touch mobile to use.I was using my what's app and fb on parallelspace in my sister's mobile. 3Sep2017 I bought my NOKIA5 it really so beautiful blue I'm in love with this device.

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