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Abnormal Over Heating in Nokia 3

My New Nokia 3 gets abnormally over heated, I majorly use Slack, freshdesk, Gmail, YouTube and Facebook. It's doesn't get over heated during charge or calls. It specifically gets over heated during Facebook usage while watching videos on Facebook & YouTube. No Games or 3rd party UI Installed. Can someone from Dev team or R&D take a serious look in this issue. I will be grateful if this overheating issue is solved. Thanks & Regards Mohammed Sabir +919840941100 Escalation Manager - Qube Cinema Inc.

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Hi user963,

It is normal for your phone to become warm sometimes during charging or when the phone is being used extensively (multiple apps being in use, watching long videos etc.). 

If the phone doesn't cool down when you close your apps or take it off charge, or if it feels very hot (rather than just warm), please contact support.  

Hope this helps.

Have a great day! 

Anna (Moderator) 

My Nokia 3 has K my recently have done the frequenty, but has done every now and then. I was in room temperature and it like overheated...not happy and want a fix for it asap
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