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Nokia phone insurance is here


Hi everyone!

We have some good news:


If you’re looking to protect your phone against various types of damages, Nokia phone insurance is now available. You can get it within the first 14 days of purchase – it covers your smartphone against falls, fire, spills and more.




Have a great day,

Anna (Moderator) 

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Hello , I bought Nokia 3 in India.Is insurance available here ?

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Hi user177! 

Thank you for your interest in Nokia phone insurance. It's currently only available in the EU, however we're hoping to expand it to other markets in the future. 

In India (as well as other non-EU countries) insurance is of course available through other providers.

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator) 

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Please any means to rectify Nokia 3 not responding sometimes.. it does that every day
Nokia should launch an update to solve that because one of my friend in Nigeria complain about the same issue and am the one that refer Nokia 3 to him!!! Please do something about it Before new customers face the same bug...
Nokia should react to the post soon.. please... ...

Great idea guys :)

Sure they need to launch update ... Because my Nokia 3 gives me headache alot...
Guys have found solutions to the navigation key not responding till Nokia launch update to solve that.. go to Google Play search for( simple control navigation bar) and install
Had all the problems said above.and also few more. My nokia3 is only two months old.went to the nearest care..they replaced it! 

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