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Synchronising contact list with Microsoft account

hello, it's close to impossible to find phones with windows phone now, and when my old phone had worked badly, i bought a new one with android. however, when i added an exchange account on my nokia 6, only emails were synchronized, and the calendar and contact list were not. more over, the list of accounts shows "personal (imap)" instead of "exchange"!!! if to look up the list of accounts by the contacts application, there isn't outlook account (either exchange or personal (imap)). when i try to add it again by contacts application, i see the message that a record already exists. i think it means the account was added successfully, but not as a part of the contact list. i would like to understand why there is no synchronization mentioned by me above and how to implement it: the adroid address book with the microsoft software "people" and "calendar".

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Install the outlook app. It will solve your question. I had had the same trouble. Now it's ok.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I would do it, but unfortunately, the installation of outlook app doesn't add the contacts to the Contacts application to call them by Phone app.

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Just try to do it. And than go to contacts and set up synchronization to your outlook account.

When I wrote it I had installed it. But I wasn't able to find any information about synchronising of accounts - only emails.

There just aren't any lines with Outlook's or Exchange's accounts.

If you said me how you did I could try again.

After you logged in your microsoft account (in the outlook app) then go to account settings (in the outlook app) and set the point "Synchronize contacts". After that you'll see a new account in your phone book (Contacts application). You can choose accounts in your phone book (Contacts application) by pressing the button in the left upside corner of the app. Does it helps you?

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hi, I got solution yesterday. go to browser on your pc and then go google contact ( that mail id to used to in your mobile ). you select import then you have option to select import from outlook. then follow on steps. this method successfully worked one my nokia 6. after imported completed you have to rename import title then go to phone to select contact shown option to show contact.

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Hello Maksym,

Thank you for the proposed solution, but I can only find the google account in my android contact settings.

When adding the MS-account, I got a reply this account is already in use, I can't use it

perhaps I do something wrong.

Can you please indicate step by step what I need to do?

Many thanks for your help


I found the solution in:

You have to configure Exchange manually to make it work.

Thanks for your help!

Luc, You have to install ms-outlook app. After installing you will get the ms-outlook account in your phone.
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