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Option to light up navigation keys on notifications

since there is no notification led, please add an option to light the navigation keys when there are unread notifications.


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Yes Please make a settings in which we can use key light for charging notification light

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 Yes, I agree. To be honest I'm surprised at how many times I'm reading on this forum about features that we take for granted on older Nokia phones, I thought these features would be standard on the HMD Nokia phones.

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I completely agree. I just bought a Nokia 6, and this is such a bummer! I've never had a phone without notification light. I don't mind that the nav keys could not change color (e.g. to show the charging status), but at least users should be able to set them to blink every few seconds in case there are new notifications in the notification bar. 

I didn't know about it so it came as a complete surprise, and it feels the phone is really missing something. I have a 30-day return possibility that I might use if I cannot get used to this. 

Hopefully HMD won't do the same mistake with their next generation phones...

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