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Strange sound coming out of phone

Hi friends. My Nokia 5 regularly makes this sound without any reason (no notification, message etc). It sounds just like it could be a notification sound but when I went through all the different sounds it wasn't any of them. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone have any idea what this could be about?

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Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, had this happen too. Weird.

BTW - I figured it out!! 

I realized the sound was happening every time my cover was "open" and my bank cards were behind the phone. Realized my NFC had been on the whole time. So it kept trying to read my cards, and that is where the sound came from! 

I have now turned NFC off and the sound has not come back. What a relief! 

I had another phantom alert ping this morning. Nothing to do with NFC in my case.

I am also facing this problem. Please help me out because i am really fed up

Tech Wizard

Could it be an application sending out notification beeps in background, but the notifications are blocked from displaying on homescreen?

Try switching off NFC as mentioned in the previous replies and Changing the notification sound of the applications to narrow down the application making the beep sound.

I tried turning off phone lock sound and I haven't heard the sound yet, I just notice my NFC was on I have also turn it off. I hope it will work.
Thank you for your comments i have turned off the nfc. Let's see whether the sound will come out or not.
I turned off the screen locking sounds for 2days and the sound was gone but after seeing a suggestion to turn off NFC, immediately I turned off my NFC and turn on the screen locking sounds but the sound was back, so I may suggest you try turning it off and observe for a while, I just hope it will stop and if it does then it unfortunate to say the default with the model is making that sound which is so frustrating.
It seems my suggestion still didn't work because 2days after my post when I was in the car, as the screen lock I heard the sound, after unlocking it, it still went on and when I lock the screen, it continued like about 4times, now I'm out of ideas and it's so frustrating, please I need a solution.

Tech Wizard


1 Check Settings > Sound > Other Sounds > Screen Locking Sounds.
This is the sound during phone lock / unlock. This should be OFF.
(This sound is like a cap being opened from a soda bottle , like a pop sound)
You can instantly check this by Locking / Unlocking your phone !

2 Switch off NFC.

3 IF you are using social applications , like WhatsApp. You could be getting notification sounds in groups. I.E. If you are mentioned in the chat. And various other possibilities. So Change the Tune of the notifications and you can narrow down which app is making the noise in the background !!
And it may not be showing notifications, so check those settings as well.

I Have done all that and the sound isn't the one you are describing, it's a very loud siren sound which sound like a malfunction. I guess it's a hardware or software default suggested by Nokia support. Indeed Nokia need to make effort in developing their android cos it's gonna be a complete failure.

Tech Wizard

I still suspect an application making this noise on your phone. No one is mentioning about such issue and according to this post it was identified as NFC / Lock sound. 
If u can give more info about the sound , it can be helpful actually. When does it occur, how frequent?

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