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Strange sound coming out of phone

Hi friends. My Nokia 5 regularly makes this sound without any reason (no notification, message etc). It sounds just like it could be a notification sound but when I went through all the different sounds it wasn't any of them. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone have any idea what this could be about?

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Just on it own sometimes, I was advice to uninstall apps and clear cache but instead I decided to restore factory settings but still after all that and not having a single app on it, I still heard the sound, I turned off NFC, screen locking sound which I suggested for others but to my greatest surprise I heard the sound as I unlocked the phone and also when I locked it, as I said it's a very loud siren sound much like an fm station with no signal on a old radio, well I'm way tried of complaining and explaining and there seems to be no solution to the problem, my seller can't help out and can't get help from Nokia support, I just hope it will stop on it own or I have to replace a phone of just 2weeks.

 Just got the Same issue with a Nokia 3

Some times instead of alarm or other notification sounds (unlock, lock, etc.) there is this loud siren sound.

send in to repair and they install android new. but after about 10 alarms (set it every minute to reproduce) there was this siren sound. I do a factory reset, now it takes about 100 alarms and siren sound.

now we send it in 2nd time with a video left on the phone. also said to care chat if theres no change i want a new phone. think this is a hardware fail.

I realized the sound comes as a result of the phone over heating so it's an alert to let u know the phone is hot, that's my own experience anyways

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That is not the sound we get. The phone was fresh started and not hot. It sound like the same with this description.
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