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Higher Screen to Body Ratio

there's no denying the nokia 8 is a beautiful phone in a number of key aspects, however, going forward it would be favourable to minimise bezels as much as possible so as not to appear behind the curve in modern smartphone design and to maximise 'handability' e.g. one handed use of a phone with a large screen.

however, it would be refreshing to have a company making phones with a renewed sense of balance; it would be advantageous to not compromise the everyday experience in a quest for a borderless phone. for example, keeping a fingerprint scanner on the front instead of placing it on the back next to the camera.

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I agree. And the keeping of the fingerprint on the phone (or moving it to the side like Sony did. NEVER on the back) shouldn't be *too* difficult. Even the modern smartphones with near bezelless displays still have a top and bottom bezel.

Until the fingerprint scanner can be successfully put under the display, I'd like to see an approach similar to the Essential phone for example. Have a larger bottom bezel with the fingerprint and buttons there and have the rest be screen.

And as for the one-handed usability (pretty essential to me), that would be easily achieved by for example NOT going over a 5.5" display. Or opting for two versions, a 5" display and a 6" display. That way those of us who like smaller phones would have an option and those who want larger phones would also have an option. The likes of Samsung missed the mark there. They made the S8 way too big and since it's unusable with one hand anyway, there's no point in buying it over the S8+ anyway. To avoid that conflict, I think keeping it at 5" and 6" would be ideal. 

Or, if going a bit higher than 5", then use the body of the old Nokia L930 for example. That phone would be an awesome Android device. With the bezels more trimmed, the polycarbonate replaced with glass (to keep the pretty essential wireless charging and ensure IP certification), a microSD slot introduced and updated RAM and processor, it would be a truly premium Android flagship, far more than the Nokia 8 is.

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