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Usability Improvements

I recently switched from Nokia 930 to Nokia 8. My expectations regarding physical quality have been fulfilled and there are only a few points that can be improved. But I was disappointed with the setup and configuration of the device. It took me hours to set up the device so that it was usable for me. Compared to Windows Phone and iOS, Android is the last place in terms of usability and user experience. "Pure Android" is certainly the best solution for (security) updates, but from the user's point of view it is bad. My expectations regarding usability were disappointed: I am used to better things from Nokia. I would have expected Nokia worthy user onboarding (comparable to the iOS setup) to help me set up and use the device quickly and easily. Instead, I was presented with a Google Account setup. (This is ok, but not well designed and not Nokia) Overall, I would have expected more Nokia and less Google. Standard Android is also used by other manufacturers such as HTC, OnePlus or Lenovo. I think Nokia can do better. Nokia's brand name stands for quality and design, among other things. This includes not only very good hardware but also seamlessly integrated software. Only in this way can Nokia live up to expectations. Here some suggestions for improvement: Complete system: - Nokia improvements (battery management, usability, themes and launcher, etc.) Hardware 1. Better battery (at least 3300-3600 mAh) 2. Camera button 3. Stereo speakers 4. Sunlight readability Software 1. Nokia usability (see Nokia N9) 2. A better camera app 3. Optimized settings (e.g. One-touch on/off for WiFi/Data)

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I have my Nokia 8 for 2 weeks till now (before I used Nokia 5 for a month) and I can say:

About hardware:

  1. With 3090mAh battery, you can easily have around 5 to 6 hours of screen on-time, that mean you don't need to recharge the phone at the middle of the day.
  2. Camera button: you can double press the power button to open the camera when screen off and use the volume button to take photo.
  3. Stereo speakers: can't agree more. Why Nokia 6 has this feature and Nokia 8 don't?
  4. Sunlight readability: With a screen of 700-nit brightness, one of the most bright srceen out there, you should be easily read anything on the screen directly under the sun, in a sunny day.. otherwise, there's some problem with your phone..

About software:

  1. Nokia usability: Since this is Pure Android, Nokia just keeps it simply, as close as stock as possible..
  2. A better stock camera app: Can't agree more on this.
  3. Optimized settings (e.g. One-touch on/off for Wifi/ Data): Can't you do this in the notification area?

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