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Nokia3 not responding at times

Sir, I am Ranju Joy from Thrissur, Kerala, India. I have been using Nokia 3 for the last one week, the phone is not responding at times. I purchased this phone on 04-sept-2017.What should i do?

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I think with new update of Oreo will rectify that... I think that's general on Nokia 3

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Facing similar problem. pH just doesn't respond then starts on its own after 15 mins. Wall paper gets changed.

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That's general issues on Nokia 3 hope new update will solve that because mine too does that everyday!!

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Nokia should launch an update to solve that because one of my friend in Nigeria complain about the same issue and am the one that refer Nokia 3 to him!!! Please do something about it Before new customers face the same bug...

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Am still facing this hanging issues till now... What's the solution Nokia need to reply to this post very soon
Am getting piece up because this is need phone and this why I didn't purchased used phone.. please I need reply very,very urgent

My Nokia 3 Mobile Phone Problem is a 4k Video Songs Play Plz Help me.

Guys have found solutions to the navigation key not responding till Nokia launch update to solve that.. go to Google Play search for( simple control navigation bar) and install
After installing the app .. go to settings and click on accessibility and enable soft control .. then the Icon will appear .. that's all..
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