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Lumia 530 - SIM unlock code cannot be entered


i'm trying to sim unlock my lumia 530, but as i start the phone, it just displays "error - no sim card found" (in german).

i've been to the operator's shop but found no explanation - the sim card works perfectly on other mobiles and it's inserted correctly!

thanks in advance for your insights!



Hi Vince! 

This community forum only covers Nokia phones manufactured by HMD (a full list of products covered can be found on the Nokia phones website).

For Lumia phones, there are two main support resources. For general support and information, you can visit Microsoft Mobile devices help page. For troubleshooting and repair queries, you can visit B2X and search for your Lumia model. 

Hope this helps and hope you find the help you need.

Have a great day,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your kind - and quick - answer!

Well, I never thought I'd become so desparate that I'd ask Microsoft for any kind of support... but well, I'll give it a try.

Thanks again and kind regards,


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